Now Open: Teen Winter Retreat Registration

When: February 16, 2018 @ 6:30 pm – February 18, 2018 @ 12:30 pm
Where: Camp Cody
Cost: $125
  1. Teen Winter Retreat is a spiritually focused weekend-long event that includes powerful, life-changing lessons from God’s Word, discussion groups, fun activities, entertainment, and fellowship time.
  2. My child is expected to attend and participate in all scheduled activities, obey the camp rules, and to respect those in authority, the well-being of others, and the camp grounds.
  3. The Camp Director reserves the right to dismiss any camper whose behavior or attitude is disruptive or detrimental to the welfare of the camp. No refund will be given in the event of an early dismissal. I understand it is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to arrange for transportation for early dismissal.
  4. Any teens involved in sexual sin, drugs or alcohol will be sent home immediately.
  5. Each teen will be responsible to bring the proper dosage of medication for the weekend. The teen will be responsible for keeping their meds with them and responsible for taking them at the proper time. If you have questions/concerns or would rather the Camp Directors assist with the medication storage and distribution Brett Grieco [email protected] or 978-273-1753. All medical issues will be kept confidential.
  6. Failure to disclose any known medical or emotional condition and the seriousness of that condition may result in dismissal at the discretion of the camp director.
  7. The information I have provided in this registration form is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.
  8. I authorize the use of my child’s photograph in any camp publications (i.e. website or brochure).
  9. The completion of this registration form is not a guarantee that my child will be able to attend the retreat. All registrations are subject to review by camp directors and local ministry leaders. If for some reason my child is unable to attend, my payment will be refunded.

Authorization for Medical Treatment. Should it be necessary for my son/daughter to receive medical attention/treatment while participating in this activity, I hereby give permission for the person(s) leading or directing this activity, to use their best judgment in obtaining medical attention/treatment for my son/daughter. I further give permission to the Camp Director, to render medical attention or administer medical treatment as that medical professional deems appropriate and necessary. I also give permission for the person(s) leading or directing this activity to use their best judgment to otherwise render any assistance (i.e., first aid, C.P.R., etc.) to my son/daughter in the event of injury or illness.

I understand that the Boston Church of Christ, or any person(s) leading or directing this activity, has no insurance coverage for medical or hospital costs for my son/daughter, which are associated with injury or illness occurring in the course of this activity. Therefore, any costs incurred for such medical attention/treatment shall be my sole responsibility.

Teen Ministry Policy for All Church Events

The following behavior will result in immediate removal from teen activities and a call home to parents and or guardians for immediate pick-up:

· Alcohol or drug use

· Sexual activity

· Leaving the premises

· Destruction of property

· Physical acts of aggression or violence which includes any bullying

· Disorderly conduct including screaming or rude gestures

· Any type of hazing with or without consent of participants

Parents and teens should also be aware that teens are required to remain in the teen activity area for the duration of the event.If a teen or group of teens decides to leave a facility or area of a facility in which a teen event is taking place, the teen ministry volunteers and staff will not, nor can they be responsible for the activity and safety of these teens.

If, as a parent, you do not think your teen is capable of abiding by these expectations, the teen ministry urges you not to send your son or daughter to the teen event.

In His Service,

The Boston Church of Christ Teen Ministry

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