Women’s Day Registration, April 14th

will begin on Wednesday March 7th before Midweek

9:45 to 10:25

7:10- 7:30

CASH – please bring EXACT change
CHECK – make payable to the church (Please make a note in the memo line “for women’s day”)
APP– The app is all set up to accept payment

WEB – https://sctcoc.aware3.net/give/  You will have to select your amount first –> Click “Give to Campaign” –> Then click “Women’s Day”.

If you pay this way via APP or WEB, please screen shot your payment and let Lorna or Sam Jones know
so that you can be added to the raffle and the registration master list

There will be  raffles again this year
1.  One for the family group to have all members sign up (one person cannot buy all the tickets for the group to qualify)
2.  A raffle draw will be done from those who purchase their ticket for Women’s Day on or before  April 1st
3.  A group prize to the family group who brings the most guests (They must be signed up and paid for before or on  April 8th)

Day of Event
We will be doing registration on the day of the event starting at 8:45am

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