Women’s Day 2018: Take Courage

On Saturday, April 14, more than 240 women came together at the Trumbull Marriot to answer the call to “Take Courage” at Southern CT Church of Christ’s 2018 Women’s Day.

The program featured keynote speaker Brandyn Bascones from the Worchester Church of Christ as well as Karen Bartlett, Brielle Coleman, and Eunice Peligro DiFilippo who all shared powerfully about how Jesus had transformed their lives. Their words moved many to tears, and afterwards, a number of women asked to study the Bible.

“It was deep, moving and inspiring,” said Jasmine Torres.

“It was a beautiful experience to go to,” T’keyah Barr said. “I learned so much from it by hearing everyone’s story and just seeing all the women together enjoying their time.”

The theme of the program was “Take Courage,” based on John 16:33, the story of the bleeding woman’s encounter with Jesus. Brandyn taught on how courage is needed to reach out to God and get help. A video presentation promoting the value of women and how God sees them touched the hearts of many in the room.

“I thought it was incredible,” Terri Simmons said. “I had two guests that came with me, a friend from grammar school and her sister. They both decided they wanted to deepen their relationship with God, and that was encouraging to me.”

Vocal performances by Alexis Reda, Tiffany Owen, Sheila Galilei, Deanna Reda, and Octavia Oliver that kept the energy high.

Everyone who attended was also able to take part in a craft. Each table designed and decorated their own notebook with stickers, scrap paper and fabric.

The event came to a close with an annual basket raffle and photo booth for all to enjoy.

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