Thanksgiving Baskets

As November is here,  it is time to plan for our annual Thanksgiving Baskets to children/families in the community! Although this is an unusual year,  we will still create our Thanksgiving Baskets in our Community Groups. Please encourage and inspire your groups to enjoy giving and sharing food with those in need.

Here are the details:

  •  Decide on how many baskets your group will create to give.
  • Nicole will send out the list of suggested items.
  • The Baskets will be picked up at your home or dropped off on Sunday,  Nov 22nd!
  • HOPE will oversee delivery to:
    • Lincoln Bassett School in New Haven
    • Sunnyside Elementary School in Shelton
    • Curiale School in Bridgeport
 “A generous man will himself be blessed, for he shares his food with the poor.”
“And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.”

Recommended Items for 2020 Thanksgiving Baskets

* Please note: This list is for one basket so please double all amounts if preparing two baskets. For 1 basket 

  1. Stuffing Mix: 2 boxes/bags (enough to stuff 14 – 16 lb turkey) 
  2. Potatoes/ Sweet Potatoes/ Yams (about 5 pounds) 
  3. Gravy Mix (2 packets, jars, or cans) 
  4. Onions (2 medium or large) 
  5. Rolls/Corn Bread (choose) 
  6. Cranberry Sauce (2 cans or containers) 
  7. Green Beans/ Corn/ Peas (4 cans … Choose) 
  8. Vegetable Oil 
  9. Chicken Stock 
  10. Aluminum Disposable Turkey Baking Pan (large enough for a 14 – 16 lb turkey) 11. Turkey Oven Cooking Bag 
  11. Aluminum Foil (one roll) 
  12. Bottle of Juice (ones that do not need to be refrigerated before opening) 14. Adobo and/or Salt & Pepper 
  13. Evaporated Milk 
  14. Macaroni & Cheese 
  15. Can of Pumpkin Pie or Apple Pie Filling or Bag of Apples for Pie 
  16. Pie Crust 
  17. Basket/ Box/ Laundry Basket 
  18. Dish Soap/ Sponge 


  1. Paper plates 
  2. Coffee (one box of coffee bags, singles) and/or Tea 
  3. Hot chocolate 
  4. Cookies/ Chocolate 
  5. Any kind of special food you like to have at Thanksgiving 
  6. Children gifts (such as coloring books and crayons, pencils, toys) 
  7. Socks, gloves, scarves 
  8. Toothbrush & Toothpaste 
  9. Dish towel

Can’t wait! Thank you for being willing to serve in what will be a very challenging holiday season for many!

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