“Peacemakers” A Message from the Southern CT SCUAD

A message from the Southern CT SCUAD team regarding the conviction of Derek Chauvin:

Today the nation waited anxiously to hear the verdict from the jury in the case of George Floyd. For many, this case represented much more than just this individual crime but was representative of how America is prepared to deal with current and historic oppression, injustice and inequality among marginalized groups in our society.

Should it not be a normal expectation in our modern society, that justice prevails? What does it say about our us as a nation and people, that we are sitting on the edge of our seats, anxiously awaiting a verdict of a murder that was broadcast throughout the media, bringing the torn reality of our country into focus?

And now that the verdict has been passed down, what is an appropriate response? 

Some might be relieved that the verdict that was spoken upholds our understanding of justice and might give confidence back into our systems of government. 

Is there room for celebration? One man was murdered and another man is now a convicted murderer. Their families, friends, relatives and communities will be affected for generations. This does not appear to be something to celebrate. 

Our nation is torn: politically, economically, ethnically, spiritually, ….. 

As disciples of Christ, we are called to follow the example of Jesus. To live as Christ is counter intuitive to many of our natural instincts. We are enraged when we or others we know are treated unjustly, or betrayed, or discriminated against, or suffer violence, or whatever else triggers us and our sense of indignation. And unfortunately, this usually can lead us to feelings of anger, disappointment, despair and ultimately, hate.

Jesus warns us in the Bible, where he states 

“Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold,” (Mt 24:12 NIV)

It seems that we are living in times of increased wickedness, and sadly, there seems to be no end in sight. Nevertheless, we must fight the temptation of allowing ourselves to be overwhelmed by our inclination to hate and letting our hearts grow cold.

Let us make every effort to focus our minds, hearts and eyes on Jesus. He forgave those that killed him. He loved those that betrayed him. He prayed for those that mocked him. Regardless of how you personally view the current state of the nation, Jesus calls us to pray for peace and be a peacemaker. Jesus calls us to reconcile ourselves to him, and to bring this message of reconciliation to others. 

We implore our church family, reflecting upon the sanctity of all life and what this tragic situation with George Floyd represents, to continue to be ambassadors of Christ, bringing his message of forgiveness, love, peace and unity to our torn and hurting world and leading them to Him.


Southern CT SCUAD

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SCUAD stands for Social, Cultural Unity & Diversity

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