Families of Faith

This past Saturday, we had an amazing night with all of the Y&F ministries from the entire state of Connecticut. We covered many things to developing a “Family of Faith” the 2 points were Lordship and Leadership (Church Leadership and Family leadership working together). We wanted to make sure we have a great follow up plan of action. We put the following together to equip parents moving forward!

Some key scriptures for our “Families of Faith” is


We discussed some eye opening information from research done for Harvards, “Making Caring Common” project about the disconnect with passing on values to todays youth:


We asked parents to identify if these statements describe their family dynamics and to identify their strengths and weaknesses:

We then discuss the follow up plan:

Here is a sample battle plan:

Family Battle Plan Example

If you would like to see the full presentation here it is:

Families of Faith presentation


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