Calling all Mentors!

If you’re interesting in becoming a Pre Teen mentor, you’ve come to the right place.  If you have a willing heart to serve and love the youth, then this may be perfect for you! We’re really trying to build up our pre-teen ministry and are looking for some Pre Teen Mentors. Our aim is to encourage the youth spiritually and to help them build character.

If you would like to volunteer to become a mentor, please contact Patrick or La Micia.

[email protected]

[email protected]

You may be wondering what becoming a mentor would involve. Below is some information to get started.

What age group would I be working with?

You would primarily be working with 6th-8th graders.

Do I need to have any experience?

Mentoring experience is always great, but not a pre-requisite. We are looking for people who are passionate about mentoring, are consistent, are culturally aware of differences and have a relationship of trust with the parents.

How often should I meet with my mentee?

We recommend at least twice a month if possible. The heart is about being involved and engaged. It may be more than twice a month or less.

What should I plan to do when we meet?

The answer to this question will become clear as you speak to your mentee and the parents of your mentee. However, a combination of fun times and good conversations is a great start. If you decide you would like to be a mentor for the Y&F Ministry, we will follow up with you about specifics and advice.

Is there a special screening?

Children’s Ministry screening is required. If you would like to be a mentor and have not been screened through Children’s Ministry we would be happy to screen. 

What is my goal as a mentor?

Building a trusting relationship that helps to develop character in your mentee and spirituality. This is not about starting Salvation Bible studies it is more about helping them develop good character (honesty, respect, relationship with family, and grace are some examples) that will help them no matter what life may throw at them. Mentor’s help with this, but we do not expect Mentors to try and be parents. Lastly, have fun!

How will I know which Pre Teen I will be mentoring?

We would like for this to be as organic and natural as possible. We believe that relationships are the key to finding the right fit rather than assigning mentors to mentee’s. Right now we are just trying to get an understanding of who would be interested.

If you already have a relationship with a family and would be excited to mentor a specific Pre Teen, please let us know as that will really help this be as organic as possible.

Thank you for considering being a Mentor for the Pre Teen Ministry!

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