Aug 11th: House Church Locations

Sunday, August 11th we are meeting in house church’s by region. The regional locations are as follows:

Singles Ministry: 10:30am at the Goodman’s.

5029 Main St. Stratford CT

Trumbull Family Groups: 10:30am at the Stein’s

31 Lantern Hill Rd. Trumbull CT

Westport/Fairfield Family Groups: 10:30am at Sebourne’s

35 Montauk St Fairfield CT

New Haven Family Groups: 10:30am at Wong’s

402 Pine Tree Dr. Orange CT

Bridgeport Family Groups: 9:00am at McNeill’s

Please speak with Family Group Leader to confirm your are going so that food arrangements can be delegated and travel arrangements can be worked out as parking is limited.

Jones’ Family Group: 10:30am at the Jones’

98 Temple St. Stratford CT

Campus Ministry: Sunrise Service 5:30am at Seaside Park. Meet at Bandshell (music stage). Gates will be locked. Park outside of the park.

Teens: Staying with your Family.




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