Women’s Summer Classes

There are 2 more classes left in our series.
Locations may have changed.
     August 2,     August 16
Enjoy each series, as it builds and strengthens your faith.
Marriage & Family: Location: Stine’s , 31 Lantern Hill Rd, Trumbull, CT.


Topics & Teachers:

Homes being a Light/Organization; Getting Advice- Ann Marie Meacham

Role of a Godly Wife- Karen Yung

Nurturing Our Marriage- Cheryl Rountree

Parenting Foundations- Florence Schachinger

Building Strong Family Dynamics/Being Fruitful- Marquette Wilson

Singles: Location: Heinzman’s 287 Homefair Dr., Fairfield, CT

Topics & Teachers:

War Room 101: Prayer & Devotion- La Micia Genova

Building Awesome One Another Relationships- Denise Goodman & Terri Simmons

Professional & Financial Excellence- LaNelle Alexander & Ajhani Ayres

Dating that Glorifies God- Samantha Jones, Nicole Chevalier & Jack

Purity in Mind, Body & Soul- Liz Burns

Women of the Word: Location: Laly’s, 1115 Main St, CT
 Look up “Laly” on A-Z directory near entrance door.
Press call button
She will buzz you in
Take elevator to 2nd floor
Go left, up ramp, to deck
Topics & Teachers:
Deeper Bible study, different types of Bible study, application of the word, how to use many kinds of study tools & resources, etc.
Jan Smith, Octavia Oliver, Vikki Sebourne, Cristelle McNeil, Patti Jo McCreanor

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