Tim and Michelle Lucas follow Jesus together

When we first started studying the Bible, our 2.5 year, very rocky, marriage was at its breaking point.  It wasn’t falling apart, it was already in a million pieces all over the floor. If we’re honest, when we first started studying the bible, we had no idea or expectation that we would be making the most important commitment of our lives to follow Jesus.  We thought we already WERE, but as we studied and got closer to knowing who God really is, we realized that we had been trying to do everything in our own power for a really long time, and that we had never really been taught the truth about God’s love and mercy.  As we grew closer to our now brothers and sisters in Christ, and as we began to open up more and more about our sin and the struggles that we were trying to hide and handle by ourselves, we started to have wide open eyes to how much God really wants the best for us, and that we COULD have that, if we would just repent and make the changes that He wanted us to make in our hearts and for our lives. We both fell in love with Jesus, and are starting to fall in love with each other now again because of God!  It’s ONLY God that was able to bring us to this point of growing again.  We are both so grateful to Jesus for healing us as individuals and bringing us together as a couple.  We still struggle as things come up and as more sin comes out, but we are both now 100% committed to God’s promises and to each other.  We are excited for all the amazing things that God will do in us and through us, all for His glory!

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