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From Facts to Faith is a devotional series created to help teens thoughtfully and productively examine matters of faith. It is also designed to aid teens (and teen workers) in developing critical thinking skills and put them on the life-long road of satisfying their own doubts. Ultimately it is on this road where their faith will become certain, unshakable, and worth sharing. In this series, teens will learn:

  • How to think for themselves by discerning reliable facts and reasonable arguments.
  • How the scientific mysteries of the origin and intricacy of the universe point to a creator.
  • Why the Bible is a trustworthy source of information.
  • Why biblical and secular writings confirm that Jesus was much more than a good teacher.
  • Why Christianity, as Jesus taught it, makes imminent sense when compared to other religions.

The material is free. Click for the pdf version, or for an editable file, click doc version.

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