Teen Camp Info 2017

We are looking forward to an amazing Teen camp! For information regarding this years camp please see the below links.

NETC Parent Packet 2017

Bus departure and Arrival

The counselors from SoConn will be Patrick Genova, La Micia Genova, and Jeremy Oliver.

Packing Info (also in packet on page 10-11)

How to pack for camp

We are giving every teen and young teen a “one suitcase challenge”. Everything they are taking should be packed into ONE suitcase. Each camper is also allowed one bedroll (sleeping bag and/or sheets & pillow). Please label the outside of your camper’s suitcase and bedroll with their name, region and phone number. If your teens or young teens are bringing rollerblades or tennis rackets, please make sure these items are packed in their suitcase; otherwise they will need to place them under their seat on the bus. If these are taken separately, please make sure they are labeled as well.

What your camper(s) will need at camp

  • Bible
  • A bagged lunch for the bus ride up to camp
  • Bedding (sleeping bag and/or sheets & blanket with a pillow). These should be tightly rolled and tied securely.
  • Enough clothes for 7 days (no laundry facilities are available)
  • Flashlight and fresh batteries
  • Money for the SNACK SHACK (suggested amount $20.00)
  • Personal care items (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc.)
  • Properly labeled medications (if applicable)
  • Towels (2 towels and a washcloth recommended)
  • Warm clothes for chilly nights and a bathing suit
  • Sunscreen or sun block and bug spray

Other recommended items:

Back pack, extra pair of sneakers, lightweight waterproof jacket (in case ofrain), & a water bottle.

What NOT to Take

CELL PHONES, radios, CD players, MP3 players, walkmans, i-pods,Game boys, portable DVD players etc. are NOT allowed on buses or atcamp. All phones brought to camp (for driving purposes or emergencies)will be turned in when teens arrive. All such items that are not turned inwill be confiscated, kept by the Camp Directors or as appointed by them,and returned at the end of camp. See disciplinary page.

ABSOLUTELY NO weapons of any kind (this includes practice swords,and knives of any length).

No gum is allowed at Camp Laurel (this is a Camp Laurel Policy)

No face paint, hair dye or inks that will change ones appearance or candamage Camp Laurel property.

Nut products including snacks, granola bars or the like (due to allergieswithin the cabin)


Clothing Code

Another area that is addressed is a counselors and/or campers choice in clothing. Clothing that exposes undergarments, does not cover adequately, or is suggestive in nature is not acceptable.

The following is a list of clothing, and not limited to, that is considered inappropriate for camp. Campers wearing these items and the like will be asked to change


  • Tube tops
  • Spaghetti-strap shirts
  • Shirts revealing belly or back
  • Low-cut neckline shirts (cleavage showing)
  • Shirts revealing undergarments
  • Pants or shorts revealing undergarments
  • Pants or shorts with writing on the back
  • Daisy Duke shorts / short shorts -15-
  • Leggings or spandex worn as pants
  • Leggings or spandex worn under short shorts
  • See-through apparel
  • Excessively saggy clothes
  • Off-the-shoulder shirts
  • Clothing with profanity
  • Clothing promoting drugs, alcohol, sex, or gangs
  • Wristbands with inappropriate words or phrases


  • Tank tops
  • Half shirts cut below the sleeve hemline
  • Shirts revealing the belly, back, or chest
  • See-through apparel
  • Excessively saggy clothes
  • Pants or shorts worn in a manner that reveals undergarments
  • Clothing with profanity
  • Clothing promoting drugs, alcohol, sex, or gangs
  • Wristbands with inappropriate words or phrases


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