Tavy takes a leap of Trust

It took Tavonna “Tavy” McKenzie two years to wrestle and fight for her relationship with God.  But on Sunday, March 4, 2018, she decided to make Jesus Lord of her life, vowing to trust His perfect plans for her life.

Tavy describes some of her thoughts on this new journey.
I was inspired to become a disciple because I was beginning to understand that I was not happy with the direction that my life was going in with me as the sole decision maker. I wanted to be able to hear God for myself and love the life that he has planned for me to live.
I saw God working in my life in many ways. My relationships with my family started getting better, I was becoming more social and active. I felt no need to hold onto grudges. And when I prayed through things before doing them I realized that I was okay because if God made a way for this to happen He would not leave me alone in the aftermath.
My favorite part about having a relationship with God is that I am never alone.  I love that I can have actual conversations with my creator and I know that He hears me and it is already worked out for the good.
Within my two weeks as a disciple, I have learned so much about myself.  I learned that when I counted the cost of how to be a disciple, and decided that I wanted to give my life to God, that I may have left out some costs that were coming from within me, so deep within that I didn’t even notice that they were there. So coming out of the water, I am not perfect, but I am very happy to know that I am truly walking with Jesus now. I am so grateful for this.

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