Singles Take the Lead

On November 13 the Southern Connecticut Singles Ministry took the lead for a Singles-Led Service.

p1090135Leading us on stage for worship, Peter Chao, Carine Narcisse, Ariel Bernard, Devon Blackwell
and Shelia Galilei sang songs of praise. On the guitar, Pouchon Altine led a worship solo of the song “10,000 Reasons”. Also joining in on the worship, campus students George Murray and Riley Knebes on the trumpet.
Shortly after worship, Rose-Berline Paules and
Stephen Pierre-Charles welcomed everyone to the service and Peter and Priscilla Lombardi led our message in communion focusing on the importance of the underdog, how in Mark 14:12-15 and in John 6 Jesus used ordinary people who go un-named in the Bible to help demonstrate his
extraordinary goodness.

p1090218Eunice Martins recited one of her own written spoken word poems.
Devon, Steve Peligro DeFilippo and Patrick Shaw then led our sermon.
Devon shared his experience in the world before he knew God and what it took for him to seek God again. Steve spoke on how God followed through with his work schedule when he decided to put Him first.

Patrick referenced Acts 1:3 where Jesus appeared to his followers over a period of 40 days and spoke about the kingdom of God, stressing the importance of how crucial it was for the disciples to be with Jesus, learning from him more and more throughout those 40 days.

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