Pre Teen Camp Info 2017

We are looking forward to an amazing Pre Teen camp! For information regarding this years camp please see the below links.

Here are the people going from our church:

  • Coordinators: Stan and Gisela Lamour
  • Counselors: Stepfan Jones, Samantha Jones, and Sue Ellen Benson.

Bus info and Packing Info

PreteenParentPacket2017 (1)

Hartford Buses -Departure

  • Date of departure: Tuesday August 15
  • Plan to arrive at: 7:15AM
  • Registration begins at: 7:30AM
  • Bus departs at: 8:00AM
  • Counselor arrival: 7:00AM
  • Address for departure: Hartford Church of Christ at 1417 Stanley Street, New Britain, CT.

Once your preteen has been registered please drop off all medications and supplements with the on-site medical staff. Buses will depart promptly at 8:00a.m.

Hartford Buses – Arrival

  • Date of Return: Sunday, August 20th
  • Plan to arrive: 5PM. Must be picked up no later than 6PM
  • Address for arrival: Hartford Church of Christ at 1417 Stanley Street, New Britain, CT.

Parent Responsibilities

1. Make sure all necessary information required has been completed, including providing medical insurance information and contact information.
2. Provide written authorization for administration of medications, which is done during the registration process by completing the medication release for over-the- counter
medication dispersed by our camp staff. If your child has prescribed emergency medications (i.e. inhalers or EpiPens) please provide a written statement prepared by your child’s primary care provider including name of the child, the medication, dosage, frequency, time to be given and side effects. If your child is able to carry and self-administer his/her emergency medication a note is required signed by his/her provider and the parent/guardian. Please contact your Coordinator if you have any
concerns and the medical staff will assist you.
3. Help to spiritually prepare your preteen for camp, including the various challenges the child may face, such as conflicts with others and how to resolve them, not being able to participate in the sports/activities they want, living and sharing with other people, the possibility of injury, etc. Talk about your child’s character and study out scriptures that
deal with issues such as overcoming selfishness, homesickness, being grateful, being humble, being a servant, being joyful and persevering. Get them spiritually ready for a great camp.
4. Stress the importance of respecting others, being polite and following the rules at
camp. Your preteen needs to know what you and we expect in terms of their behavior and obeying the people in charge. Please be sure to go over the Disciplinary Procedures with your child.
5. Make sure they are properly packed with comfortable clothing and the items on the list. Do not allow them to ‘over-pack.’ They will be carrying their own luggage to and from their cabins. Remember: kids lose stuff so please label everything. Be mindful of what is packed.
6. Please refrain from mailing items to camp (i.e. cards, gifts and care packages…). While it is intended to encourage your child; it can also lead to homesickness and discourage other kids who did not receive an item. It can be a great welcome home.
7. Encourage your child to get the most out of camp by making new friends, trying different activities, and being open to sharing their hearts. We suggest that the children use their own creativity to raise at least some of their own funds to pay for camp. This helps each child take personal responsibility for their camp experience.
8. If your child has medical, behavioral or emotional challenges, please discuss how these needs will be best met with your preteen coordinator and set up a plan with your child, their counselor and coordinator prior to camp.
9. Help to spiritually debrief and process with your preteen after camp. You will be provided with a written summary of the lessons and highlights from camp. Please take the time to have family devotionals on these lessons and the scriptures that your preteen memorized. Allow time for your preteen to share with you the things that they learned,
about the friends that they have made and the many new and different things that they did. Also help them to discuss the challenges that they faced and conquered and those that they may still need help to work through. Your child’s counselor and coordinators are incredible resources and are available to help you and your preteen.

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