Pre Teen Camp Announcement

Parents of 4th Graders & Current Preteens

Your child will be attending Preteen Camp in the upcoming summer of 2020!!!

This reminder may seem extremely early but this is the best time to get this amazing event on your radar.

Two Very Important Details: 

The 1st:

The World Discipleship Summit will also happen during the summer of 2020, so it’s crucial that monies are put aside starting now to assure that your preteen is able to attend camp.

The 2nd:

Preteen camp days have changed!

Sunday, August 16th- Friday, August 21st, 2020.

Please note this is a change from the usual Tuesday to Sunday!

The price for camp this year was $375 + $50 for the bus. While we do not have the exact amount for 2020, it is estimated that it will be somewhere in this vicinity.

Please contact your preteen coordinator for additional information!

Stan Lamour

Gisela Lamour

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