Prayers for Spain

Will and Kristen Lambert are missionaries that went to Spain from the Southern Connecticut Church of Christ and although they are no longer here physically we can still be unified with them and the entire church of Madrid spiritually. The Madrid church is asking for prayers. The following is a quote from a recent post and video by the European Missions Society and the Madrid Church:

Today we are praying for Spain, one of the largest countries in Western Europe and historically known as a crossroads between Europe and Africa. Spain has a population of around 46.5 million people. The capital city is Madrid. We have a church of about 45 disciples in Madrid, and a small group in Barcelona. The church is led by William and Kristen Lambert, who recently moved to Madrid. So far this year, there have been 3 men baptized in the singles, campus and marrieds ministry. Most recently, a Madrid student, met on the last day of a summer internship which included students from Boston and Atlanta, was baptized into Christ! The singles ministry has grown from 8 to 14 thanks to a baptism, campus students moving up, and 3 sisters from the US moving to Spain to serve. The church is starting the ‘Increase our Faith’ series in October and is encouraged to see what God will surely do. Please join us in praying for Spain! ????

Lets join disciples from around the world in praying for the Church in Madrid. Please check out the video they posted here: 

To Will and Kristen: we love you and miss you. We are inspired by your examples of serving God overseas! To the Madrid Church: we have heard of your perseverance and faith in Lord and we are thankful for your commitment to God and his kingdom. You all are truly inspiring.

Os queremos mucho!

-The Southern Connecticut Church of Christ (tu familia en los Estados Unidos!)


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