Parenting Training May 11th

On May 11th we are excited to announce that we will be having a parenting training workshop Led by Mike and Lori Kwasniewski from the Groton- New London International Church of Christ.

Who is invited?

Parents with children in the 4th grade and under. We want to encourage both Mom and Dad to attend.

Who is teaching? 

Mike and Lori Kwasniewski. Mike did the Sermon “The Great Family Adventure” not too long ago here at Southern CT. You can listen here

When does it start?

The event will start at 9am and go to 12pm

Will there be child care? 

No, we will not have child care. Please make arrangements for someone to watch your kids while you enjoy the wisdom of Mike and Lori and so Mom and Dad can make it.

Will food be provided?

Yes, we will have some light breakfast options (Bagels, coffee, juice, fruit, ect)

Where will it be? 

It will take place in the Cafeteria of Fairfield Woods Middle School

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!


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