Noah Clark: Letter to my younger self

Hello Noah,

I’m Noah, I’m you, in the future. You might be scratching your head and probably questioning reality at the moment, but don’t it’s real and read this letter because it will impact your life, and make it way better.

First, Mercedes is gonna win four world championships in a row, so don’t worry, Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel aren’t gonna win forever. F1 is now sold to new owners and it’s on ESPN, now you can watch it without a garbled screen that we got on NBCSN

And despite what you tell yourself every year, you are still using brake assist and a racing line on F1 games, and the AI difficulty is set to 0%. Thought you will be decent at Gran Turismo Sport

Your Gonna become a Browns fan, get ready for years of disappointment and hurt, Johnny Football is not the future for Cleveland, just be easier on Dad when we lose, he suffers too

School didn’t go so well for us, we slacked off, we kept the residual wounds of elementary school. It never got past us. If you read this, get rid of those thoughts, because you’ll avoid the years of hurt and sorrow that I faced, but I have the solution, you can fix it ultra fast.

You will meet a kid named Jon Heinzman, ask him to go to his Church, study the bible and become a Disciple. Maybe that was too much for your atheist mind to handle but trust me it will change your life, you can forget about the pain and be reborn. You are not the answer for you, God is, make sure to grasp to it quicker than I did, you will save yourself many years of unending frustration and hate for yourself.

I finish off to you, with a tear in my eye, to make the best of your walk with God, you will have an amazing group of teens to hang out with, you get to baptize your best friend TJ, and you will ball your eyes out. Make sure to keep your car opinions to yourself, just because it’s not a Lambo does not mean it’s bad. Don’t bust Patrick about everything, don’t judge how Brice applies his soy sauce on sushi, don’t challenge Quentin to Wii Sports he will dominate you Every. Single. Time.

Love yourself, Love God, and love those around you, all the teens both new and old, they will give you joy like you never believe, make sure to give them the same.

Love (eh),

Noah Brian Clark


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