Teen Ministry

We have an active teen ministry led by Patrick and La Micia Genova, dedicated to helping high-school aged youth learn more about God and His word.

Visit our calendar for upcoming events within the Southern Connecticut Teen Ministry.

Some our Goals in the Teen Ministry are:

1) Christian parents who are committed and involved in the spiritual lives of their teens.

2) A strong teamwork between the church leaders, the Youth and Family leaders, the parents, the teen workers, and the teens

3) Parents being regularly equipped by the church leadership through both discipling and training

4) Teens being disciple and matured in faith, character, knowledge, and use of God’s Word.

5) The majority of the kids who have grown up in the church being converted and staying faithful through their later teen years.

6) Teen disciples successfully transitioning into campus and/or single ministries where they continue as faithful and giving disciples

7) Teens being encouraged and equipped to impact their peers for Christ.

8) Strong spiritual relationships with the other teens, campus students, and adults across the church.

9) A strong connection to other Youth and Family Ministries in sister churches, to the International Conference of Youth and Family Ministry, and to HOPE Youth Corps.

10) A dynamic, fun, and spiritual youth ministry!

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