Logan Donough is added to the Kingdom

Logan Donough is a junior at the University of New Haven studying forensic science. Originally from Hershey, PA Logan made Jesus his Lord on Easter Sunday April 1st. Logan was met on campus in the middle of the Fall semester as he was on his way to class one day. From there it was clear that God had been seeking to know him in a deeper way. He studied the scriptures diligently for almost two semesters searching for what God wanted for him. After studying the Bible and wrestling to understand what God’s will was for his life he decided it was time. Logan no longer wanted to live in the shadows, but was ready to step into the light that God was calling him into. He was ready to become one of God’s holy people, to receive his mercy, and to be God’s special possession (1 Peter 2:9-10). When he heard God’s call he didn’t hesitate to heed the call. And on Easter it was befitting that the day Jesus rose, that Logan should also die to himself so that he may raise anew the same way Jesus did (Romans 6:4).


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