Final Details: Teen Led Conference

A few things to highlight for Sunday (also included in this detailed packet above):

  •  Seventh and  eighth graders from New England are invited to the Sunday service.  No registration is required.
  •  Parents dropping off their teens have two options:
    • Stay at the service of the teen conference.
    • Drop off your teen early and go back to your regional service.  You can drop off your teen as early as 9:00AM.  Come back and pick up your teen by 1:30PM.
  • Sunday is an evangelistic service.  Please encourage the teenagers from New England to invite their friends.  If you have relatives or friends who are teens please invite them to the service also.
  • Contribution will not be taken at Sunday’s service.  If you stay for the teen led conference service, please leave your contribution with someone in your Region.  If your Region is taking special contribution, please leave your special contribution with someone also.

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