Disaster Relief for Mexico and Puerto Rico

Our HOPE Team met and proposes an immediate fund-raiser to aid the Disaster Relief Efforts of HOPE WW for Puerto Rico and Mexico.

Goal: To raise $3,000 for HOPE Relief in Puerto Rico and Mexico. For every disciple to fill 4 large (30 gal) garbage bags to donate

What: Collection of  “soft-goods” (all clothing, bedding, towels, kids’ apparel, shoes, pillows, accessories, purses, bath items, etc) to donate for money at SAVERS store in Orange.

When: Drop-off on October 21st, Sat morn, 9am to noon,  at school parking lot


  1. Go through your closets, kids’ closets and bag goods to donate.
  2. Give garbage bags and fliers to your neighbors and ask for their “stuff”.
  3. Post a notice at work to co-workers to collect their items for the cause.
  4. Stop by tag sales and P/U their unsold stuff at the end of their sale.
  5. Solicit the help of your relatives and take their “stuff” off their hands!

 Plan: Start now to collect your goods and seeking the donations of your  friends, neighbors, co-workers,  and relatives.  This is a great way for our neighbors, co-workers, etc to see our church faith in action.

Please Support this endeavor with 100% participation in your family groups!

              You can pick up bags and fliers  at the book table Sunday

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