“Believe” Southern CT Celebrates Christmas

On Sunday, December 18th Southern CT celebrated the birth of Christ with song, a skit and the word of God.

This year’s theme “Believe” brought the church together in worship, including our children ministry. Our service also incorporated a surprise play of a modern day portrayal of the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ.

The skit was narrated by Laly Matos and put on by several others including, Steve DeFilippo, Lorna Rodriguez, Tiffany Owen, Cody Mccreanor, Alexis Reda, Jonathan Heinzman, Pat Shaw, and Max Owen. Halfway through the play Jeff Schachinger joined us for the sermon.

But the skit was not complete without a bit of music.

Greg Owen, Peter Chao, Carl Meacham, Kofi Manning, Devon Blackwell, and Sam Chevalier embraced their role in the play by performing the a cappella song, “Going to Bethlehem”.


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