Pre Teen Ministry

The Pre Teen Ministry is composed of mainly middles schoolers (grades 6th to 8th). At the age level, we seek to accomplish the following:

  • Have Christian parents being committed to and involved in the spiritual lives of their Teens.
  • Foster and develop strong Teamwork between the Church Leaders, The Youth and Family Leaders, the Parents, and Mentors.
  • Seek to equip Parents through both discipling and training.
  • Fostering character growth and spiritual maturity amongst the Pre-Teens.
  • Helping transitions from the Pre-Teen Ministry to the Teen Ministry.
  • Develop and create strong relationships with other pre-teens, High School students, Campus students, and adults across the church.
  • Having a dynamic, fun, and spiritual Pre-Teen Ministry.

Here are our Pre-Teen Ministry Coordinators:

Communication: Brigitte Moore & Christine Raymond

Event planning: Rick and Sue Velez

Event Planning Tips

Mentoring Program: Stan and Gisela Lamour


Fund Raising: Patrick and La Micia Genova