A Jolly Christmas Story: Joel & Laly Get Engaged!

A Jolly Christmas Story: Joel & Laly Get Engaged!

-Where it all started-
Having already bought the ring back in August and eager to move forward, Joel was unable to propose when life issues such as timing and the coronavirus epidemic completely rearranged his plans. Devastated, Joel fought to be patient and waited until the perfect moment to plan again. Until one day, he was inspired by a friend to give Laly a Christmas like never before. He decided he would give her a gift every week until Christmas, but the last gift, would be the most special surprise—her engagement ring. With the help of friends & family, he quickly coordinated all the details and the perfect scenery for the night.

-How it went down-
4 weeks later, on December 20th, 2020, Joel’s plan was to pick Laly up and go to a local café to enjoy tea over light conversation, then present her gift to her before ‘dinner reservations’ for 7pm. To throw her off, he arrived late (per usual fashion), took her to a closed cafe (things are starting to look worse), but thinks quickly on his feet and finds a little British café up the street. An hour behind schedule, he plays it cool and when given the ‘cue’, drives her to Duck Pond in Milford, CT.

To Laly’s complete surprise, she is asked to be blindfolded as Joel drives and leads her across a snowy bridge. They then arrive to the spot with only the sound of a waterfall as a clue to where she is. Joel instructs her to put on his headphones and he plays her favorite love song: Tuesdays by Jake Scott. The song plays and it is at this point that she realizes what is about to happen. With tears rolling down her face, she waits until the song is over and calls out for Joel. He tells her to take off the blindfold. She does and cannot believe what she sees. Joel is kneeling at the end of a row of candles surrounded by rose petals, flowers, and lights in a wintery wonderland. He then shares a few heartfelt words and asks for her hand in marriage. Laly says yes! The rest was truly magical…

-A Special Thank You-
Laly & I would like to thank everyone who was a part of our two-year courtship, and for all the love, support, and encouragement given to us by our family & loved ones at Southern CT Church of Christ and beyond. We are truly grateful beyond words to our God and to you.

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