House Church July 16


Please look for the group you are in to find location of where you are meeting this Sunday.
Enjoy the smaller groups to get to know each other better as we worship and praise God.


Singles House Church, 10:30
1405 North Ave, Stratford

Campus & Teens, 10:30
at Heinzman’s, 287 Home Fair Dr, Fairfieild

Empty Nesters & Heinzman’s, 10:30
at Rountree’s, 130 Compo Rd South, Westport

Smith’s & Lamour’s, 10:30
at Lamour’s, 11 Old Hollow Rd, Trumbull

Devlin’s, Burn’s, McNeill’s, & Lanelle, 10;30
at Sebourne’s, 35 Montauk St, Fairfield

New Haven Family Groups & Stratford, 10:30
at Oliver’s, 40 Mountain Brook Rd, North Haven

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