Family Fun Day!

Family fun day this Sunday, July 30th!
Date: July 30,2017
StartTime: 10:30am
Where: Boothe Memorial Park, Stratford
Address: 5800 Main St, Stratford, CT 06614
Following our worship service, we will have Fun and Games! Games include: kickball, lawn games, a kids rock wall, and pie baking contest (not pie eating)!
Child Care: There will be no child care provided for family fun day parents can feel free to enjoy the time with their kids together.
Pie Baking Contest: Please contact Samantha Jones if you’d like to bake a pie to have it judged to potentially win a prize!
Food: Food is to be coordinated by family group. Family groups should plan to organize and provide all food for their group. Family groups can partner up with other family groups as well.
To clarify: Each Family group should plan to provide a meal, drinks, snacks, ect… for their own family group.
seating: We will be meeting under the pavilion for service which does have benches, but please bring extra chairs/seating if you have them so we can make sure everyone has a seat!
Games: Feel free to bring any lawn games, frisbee’s, footballs, ect that you would like!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Jones’s or the Genova’s!
Looking forward to having a great time! Here are some photos of the venue:

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