Another light shines, Brielle Coleman

On Sunday, February 25, 2018, Brielle Coleman was added to God's Kingdom.  She started studying the Bible in September 2017.  Through reading God's Word, she decided to make Jesus Lord of her life. She has really embraced God's forgiveness and the love of the body of Christ. She's currently a junior at Southern Connecticut State University in the Social Work program. She was so excited to have both of her parents attend her baptism, to celebrate this new journey. She has such a sweet soul [Read more...]

Tavy takes a leap of Trust

It took Tavonna "Tavy" McKenzie two years to wrestle and fight for her relationship with God.  But on Sunday, March 4, 2018, she decided to make Jesus Lord of her life, vowing to trust His perfect plans for her life. Tavy describes some of her thoughts on this new journey. I was inspired to become a disciple because I was beginning to understand that I was not happy with the direction that my life was going in with me as the sole decision maker. I wanted to be able to hear God for myself and [Read more...]

Karen Barlett Accepts Jesus as Lord

On Feb 4, 2018, Karen Barlett was baptized for the forgiveness of her sins and added to God’s kingdom. For Karen, it was both the end of a journey and its beginning. “For many years I felt a void in my life that I could not figure out how to fil,” she said. “I always felt empty inside, but not for any particular reason.  I had a happy childhood and a good life. There was just never any lasting joy.” She said that although she had a religious upbringing and believed in God, she never [Read more...]

Women’s Day Registration, April 14th

Women's Day REGISTRATION will begin on Wednesday March 7th before Midweek Sundays 9:45 to 10:25 Midweeks 7:10- 7:30 Payments CASH - please bring EXACT change CHECK - make payable to the church (Please make a note in the memo line "for women's day") APP- The app is all set up to accept payment WEB -  You will have to select your amount first --> Click "Give to Campaign" --> Then click "Women's Day". If you pay this way via APP or WEB, [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Baskets

Are you ready to make a bountiful basket (or two or three)? Each of our Family Groups will be purchasing non-perishable supplies, and a few perishable, to allow families in need to make a hearty holiday meal. Please see the attached list 2017 Thanksgiving Basket List Thank you for your willingness to encourage families in Bridgeport and New Haven with the Thanksgiving baskets.   I wish all of you could meet the families that are served.   They are incredibly appreciative and I've heard [Read more...]

Thanksgiving baskets for needy families

All of our members will contribute non-perishable items to create meals for families who otherwise could not make a full Thanksgiving meal. Our goal is to serve over 20 families canned vegetables, makings for pies, stuffing. As well as personal items for the families: like coloring books, candles. Please join our effort to help others have a special meal.