Ray Mateo has a New Life

 Ray Mateo decided to make Jesus Lord of his life.  A long time friend, Joel, "found" his long, lost friend while driving next to him on the highway. God had plans for Ray through this renewed friendship.  Ray's life had experienced lots of rough spots.  He was needing something to make life have meaning.  He started studying the Bible with his friend, Joel, and a few other men.  He was amazed at what he read. Some things were hard to accept, but Ray didn't run away.  He prayed and struggled to [Read more...]

Disciples Formal

2018 Disciples Formal “Under the Sea” This event is for baptized teen disciples and is a great opportunity for the teen disciples to have a fancy formal experience without the drama, worldliness, and cost often associated with High School Proms.  The event will take place from 6:30 pm -10 pm on May 12 at the Dedham Hilton, 25 Allied Dr, Dedham, MA0202. The registration cost is $65. The deadline to register is Wednesday, May [Read more...]

Women’s Day 2018: Take Courage

On Saturday, April 14, more than 240 women came together at the Trumbull Marriot to answer the call to “Take Courage” at Southern CT Church of Christ’s 2018 Women’s Day. The program featured keynote speaker Brandyn Bascones from the Worchester Church of Christ as well as Karen Bartlett, Brielle Coleman, and Eunice Peligro DiFilippo who all shared powerfully about how Jesus had transformed their lives. Their words moved many to tears, and afterwards, a number of women asked to study the [Read more...]

Another light shines, Brielle Coleman

On Sunday, February 25, 2018, Brielle Coleman was added to God's Kingdom.  She started studying the Bible in September 2017.  Through reading God's Word, she decided to make Jesus Lord of her life. She has really embraced God's forgiveness and the love of the body of Christ. She's currently a junior at Southern Connecticut State University in the Social Work program. She was so excited to have both of her parents attend her baptism, to celebrate this new journey. She has such a sweet soul [Read more...]

Tavy takes a leap of Trust

It took Tavonna "Tavy" McKenzie two years to wrestle and fight for her relationship with God.  But on Sunday, March 4, 2018, she decided to make Jesus Lord of her life, vowing to trust His perfect plans for her life. Tavy describes some of her thoughts on this new journey. I was inspired to become a disciple because I was beginning to understand that I was not happy with the direction that my life was going in with me as the sole decision maker. I wanted to be able to hear God for myself and [Read more...]