Women’s Day Registration

WOMEN’S DAY is April 29th!
9:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Registration is now Open
Women are able to register before church or midweek

Students $10
Women $25

Payment options
1. If paying by cash, please bring the exact amount
2. Checks need to be made out to “Southern CT Church of Christ”
with “Women’s Day” written in the memo space
3. Or you could use our new church app which is accepting payment.
If you pay with the app, please screenshot your payment and let Lorna or Samantha Jones know so that you can be added to the raffle and the registration master list.

HOPE Savers Donation Fundraiser

SCTCOC Hope Chapter is having a Savers Thrift Store “Fun Drive” Donation FundRaiser.

What is a Donation Drive?
It’s Genuis! We raise money for a good cause. You get rid of items you no longer need, offering them a 2nd life.

Proceeds from this event will benefit Haitian disaster relief.

Final Collection Date
Saturday, March 18
In the Fairfield Wood Middle School parking (same as where we park on Sunday)

What to Donate?
-gently used clothing and household items

Savers will pay per pound for each item donated.

Donating means the landfill loses and the earth wind

The Hope Savers Drive Committee
Mary Ellen

Be Bold for Spiritual Change

Be Bold for Spiritual Change 2017

Do you long to make a difference in this world?  Does your heart feel pain for the souls of women today?

So much is happening around us. Women everywhere are feeling angst.  Some are fearful. Some are angry. Some are passionate. They are marching. They are hoping. They are calling for change for their lives and for the lives of those around them. They hunger to feel valued. They desire a meaningful purpose. Meanwhile, too many are burdened by bitterness and weighed down by guilt and shame. Women across the world are desperate for meaningful relationships…longing to matter. Longing for love.

Myriad are the issues, but the one solid solution lies only in the person of Jesus. Only through his loving, life-giving message can the hearts of everywoman—those we don’t know as well as those we do know—find true acceptance, freedom from guilt, forgiveness, and hope. Jesus alone can give confidence, security, and purpose to all. He turned the world upside down with his culture-changing value of women when he walked this earth, and he has no desire to stop now.

To be bold for spiritual change we must start somewhere.  What can we do?

 Look around. Really see the lives behind each face. Will you pray for them? Will you act on their behalf?

Wednesday, March 8 is the annual International Women’s Day. This year’s world theme is “Be Bold for Change.”  What a fitting message for disciples of Jesus!

The need is great. We need courage and boldness to offer the mighty things God has done for us to those around us.  We must act in compassion, for without love our words are no more than clanging symbols (1 Cor. 13).

Words can be many. We can post, we can tweet, we can carry signs…but the question remains—what will we do? As the Scriptures state, Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue, but with actions and in truth. (1 John 3:18)

On Tuesday, March 7, we are asking all sisters around the world to join together for a day of prayer and fasting.

For what? For boldness to change the world for Jesus. We will send specific scriptures and prayer requests via the website.

On Wednesday, March 8, we are asking all sisters to “be bold for spiritual change.” Act. Be bold. Through faith let us call on God to unleash the power of his Spirit in our lives as we share the powerful message of Jesus. And remember that we are not alone.

Prepare your hearts. Stay tuned. Tune in to: beboldforspiritualchange.wordpress.com. Sign up and you will receive updates. We will send ideas and would love to hear yours. Spread the word. Share. Post.

Let us call on God together, and through faith wait in grateful expectation for his mighty works.

2017 SCTCOC Ministry Staff News

As the Kingdom advances, so do changes in the ministry staff for the Southern Connecticut Church of Christ. Here is some exciting news about our staff teams.

Experienced Leadership

Jeff and Florence Schachinger

Jeff and Florence Schachinger continue to serve as our lead evangelist and

women’s ministry leader. An evangelist is appointed by well-established evangelists in our International Churches of Christ worldwide movement and their wives help to meet the needs of the ministry by serving as women’s ministry leaders.

You might wonder what qualifies someone to be an evangelist or women’s ministry leader, and what their responsibilities are. Evangelists are brothers who have been appointed to lead churches because they have shown themselves to be faithful, fruitful, trustworthy, and godly disciples in all areas of their life, rooted in and living in accordance with the teachings of the Bible.

Evangelists are charged with

–       Preaching God’s Word in season and out in season

–       Administering the gospel of Jesus Christ

–       Advancing God’s Kingdom

–       Training and mentoring future evangelists

Most (but not all evangelists) are married and their wives must also live godly lives through which they are qualified to help train other women.

Jeff and Florence are excellent examples of these roles and have faithfully served the Southern Connecticut Church of Christ since 1999. They are excited to see the growth in our church family, the hiring of new staff, and the sending off in 2017 of our first couple to missions work!

Our Maine Future

Stefan and Samantha Jones

Stepfan and Samantha Jones joined the staff team in November 2016 after leading the campus ministry in Portland, Maine for two years. Their hearts desire is to help young people discover God early in their lives so they can avoid many of the pitfalls that a life without God can bring. Both are grateful that they were saved from many bad decisions by God’s grace.

The Jones’ are settling in quite easily – enjoying getting to know the Southern CT saints, and learning tons from Jeff and Florence in pursuit of their goal to lead a church one day. While our campus group is similar in size to Maine’s, we have many more mature disciples here who are able to help our new staff couple grow spiritually and emotionally.

Stepfan and Samantha have settled in West Haven near the beach and have jumped into leading our campus disciples. Most days they are somewhere on campus to pray, spend time with the disciples, share their faith, learn the campus culture, and have Bible studies with students. So far, two new brothers (Will and Joe) have been baptized

Madrid Gains our Devoted Duo

Will and Kristen Lambert are now leading the Church in Madrid, Spain.

Will and Kristen Lambert have accepted an offer (unanimously reached by the disciples there) to lead the church in Madrid, Spain! The couple arrived to lead the Southern CT campus ministry as dating singles in 2012. Jeff and Florence trained and mentored them faithfully and their leadership ignited the campus and teen ministry.

Four years later, the now married couple were appointed evangelist and women’s ministry leader in September 2016 by Will’s parents, Doug and Jennifer Lambert, who lead the church in Cincinnati, Ohio and by the Schachingers. Weeks after the appointment the couple left for language immersion classes in Spain to ready themselves to lead the Madrid disciples powerfully and responsibly. Los dos hablan español muy bien y tienen ganas de mudar a España muy pronto!

Like the close-knit family we are, there will be a grand farewell party, tears will be shed, and our hearts will swell with pride. Based on the sacrifice and faith of our church family, for the first-time ever we are sending out a couple trained in CT to lead missions work in Madrid. Remember them in your prayers and considering visiting the church there for a vacation/missionary sojourn. After all, Will and Kristen will always be our immediate family no matter where God leads them.

2017 Sneak Preview

The momentum will keep going into 2017. Pat and La Micia Genova will join the staff team in a few months to lead the Youth & Family ministry. They are currently helping to lead the church in Madrid, Spain and will relocate to our ministry once the Lamberts are firmly in place in Madrid. Look forward to an update on where the couple settles and more on their background by the spring.

All honor and glory to God for entrusting capable men and women to lead our fellowship!

“Believe” Southern CT Celebrates Christmas

On Sunday, December 18th Southern CT celebrated the birth of Christ with song, a skit and the word of God.

This year’s theme “Believe” brought the church together in worship, including our children ministry. Our service also incorporated a surprise play of a modern day portrayal of the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ.

The skit was narrated by Laly Matos and put on by several others including, Steve DeFilippo, Lorna Rodriguez, Tiffany Owen, Cody Mccreanor, Alexis Reda, Jonathan Heinzman, Pat Shaw, and Max Owen. Halfway through the play Jeff Schachinger joined us for the sermon.

But the skit was not complete without a bit of music.

Greg Owen, Peter Chao, Carl Meacham, Kofi Manning, Devon Blackwell, and Sam Chevalier embraced their role in the play by performing the a cappella song, “Going to Bethlehem”.


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Singles Take the Lead

On November 13 the Southern Connecticut Singles Ministry took the lead for a Singles-Led Service.

p1090135Leading us on stage for worship, Peter Chao, Carine Narcisse, Ariel Bernard, Devon Blackwell
and Shelia Galilei sang songs of praise. On the guitar, Pouchon Altine led a worship solo of the song “10,000 Reasons”. Also joining in on the worship, campus students George Murray and Riley Knebes on the trumpet.
Shortly after worship, Rose-Berline Paules and
Stephen Pierre-Charles welcomed everyone to the service and Peter and Priscilla Lombardi led our message in communion focusing on the importance of the underdog, how in Mark 14:12-15 and in John 6 Jesus used ordinary people who go un-named in the Bible to help demonstrate his
extraordinary goodness.

p1090218Eunice Martins recited one of her own written spoken word poems.
Devon, Steve Peligro DeFilippo and Patrick Shaw then led our sermon.
Devon shared his experience in the world before he knew God and what it took for him to seek God again. Steve spoke on how God followed through with his work schedule when he decided to put Him first.

Patrick referenced Acts 1:3 where Jesus appeared to his followers over a period of 40 days and spoke about the kingdom of God, stressing the importance of how crucial it was for the disciples to be with Jesus, learning from him more and more throughout those 40 days.

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Faith and Action Team back at Curiale School

On Saturday, October 29, more than 40 volunteers from the Southern CT Church of Christ’s Faith in Action team and Trader Joe’s joined together to help clean up the Curiale School in Bridgeport. Our church has been at the elementary school several times before to help clean, organize and refurbish the inside and outside of the building and as an official H.O.P.E. chapter we couldn’t have been more motivated to get back out there and serve.

From painting the walls, organizing books, to weeding out and re-planting shrubs around the entrance, everyone involved worked collectively to make a difference for the students and staff at Curiale.

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We as a church are at a point where we would like to elect more members to the Board of Directors. We currently have four board members and would like to increase that to seven. The current members are Jeff Schachinger, Vikki Sebourne, Terri Simmons, and Garth Oliver. Below you will find a description of the responsibilities for the board and it’s members. Please take the next couple of weeks to consider members of the church you would like to see as nominees for election to the board, to fill those three open seats. On Sunday October 30th , we will have a box in the lobby of the school where we will collect those suggested nominees. Please write down the names on a piece of paper and place that paper in the box. The current board as well as the Leadership Team will review those names and put together our final nominees for a vote by the church. Our goal is to complete this process by December.

What is a Board of Directors?
A corporation, whether for-profit or nonprofit, is required to have a governing Board of Directors.  To explain, a corporation can operate as a separate legal entity, much like a person in that it can own bank accounts, enter into contracts, etc.  However, the laws governing corporations require that a corporation ultimately is accountable to its owners (our Corporation being “the church”).  That accountability is accomplished by requiring that each corporation has a Board of Directors that represents the stockholders (“the church”).

Members of a governing Board have certain legally required (fiduciary) duties, including duties of care, loyalty and obedience.

The phrase “Board operations” often refers to the activities conducted between Board members and can include development and enactment of Board bylaws and other Board policies, recruitment of Board members, training and orientation of Board members organizing Board committees, conducting Board meetings, conducting Board evaluations, etc.  The phrase “governance” often refers to the Board’s activities to oversee the purpose, plans and policies of the overall organization, such as establishing those overall plans and policies, supervision of the organization’s leader(s), ensuring sufficient resources for the organization, ensuring compliance to rules and regulations, representing the organization to external stakeholders, etc.

The Board, while recognizing that the Evangelist and Deacons of the Church have been given the biblical role of spiritual and ecclesiastical leadership of the church, shall take all steps necessary for the proper corporate governance of the church.  It shall be the responsibility of the Board to actively oversee major policy, major financial and personnel decision and to set clear boundaries for the proper exercise of officially recognized church leadership.  The Board shall maintain a board policy manual, implement a program for the selection, orientation, and training of board members, and meet on such a regular basis as is necessary to ensure proper board governance.

Who qualifies to be a member of the Board?

The Board must have people who are spiritually mature.  It should be a diverse group which the ethnicity should reflect the community and the church.  It should comprise men and women, employees and non-employees.  It should have at least one person who understands the finances.  The board needs people who are willing to question issues not just be polite.  It requires that members hold each other accountable and be willing to give influence for the welfare of the church.  The Board must evaluate itself and deal with board members who aren’t able to fulfill their obligation as members by attending meetings and actively engaging in the decision making process.

How often does the Board meet?

The Board typically meets at the end of each quarter.  There is an annual meeting with the entire church (“Corporation”) present where we review the activities for the outgoing year and set goals for the upcoming year.  Occasionally, there may be an “emergency” meeting but these are rarely necessary if we are able to meet each quarter.